key west first legal rum distillery


Created by Paul Menta and Tony Mantia in 2012

1900, Originally the location of Jack's Saloon.

1903, Coca-Cola Bottlling Facility.

Modern day, Key West First Legal Rum Distillery!



For centuries, Distillers have been making the sweet libation...Rum. 

Some legal, some not so legal.


One common task shared by rum Distillers and Chefs alike is cooking sugar cane in big

kettles or "stills." We are Chefs first and Distillers second, so our process is called

Chef Distilled!


This combination of skill brings out the best flavors in our original white rums,

made with Florida sugar cane and with infusions of Coconut, Vanilla Creme Brulee

and Real Key LIme. Our 6 times distilled specialty rums are sure to twist your taste buds on an adventure!


We are still "Chefs," so we jar rum cakes, fresh fruits and savory vegetables.

Why is our craft different, you ask?  Because homemade has no preservatives!


Taste History at the First Ever Legal Rum Distillery in Key West Fla. Chef Distilled 

means a whole new way to craft food and drink!

 We consider our self trained mojito masters. Why you ask?  We sailed to Cuba on the Schooner Wolf  and were the first Americans to Run Rum to Cuba. Now you would say it takes some huevous to bring rum from Key West to Cuba, as they have amazing rum. We wanted to say thank you for the 80 some years that they ran rum to Key West and the Florida Keys by buying them a round with ours! 

The bonus that was given to use by the Cuban people was training us how to make Cuban Mojitos, as they make the best. My name is Paul Menta, menta means "mint" in spanish so i better make a dam good one!

We went to the famous and not so famous bars, homes and drinking places and we shown the secrets with the techniques on how to make a Real Mojito!

We now share this information in classes with The Key West Mojito Rums we make. Our goal is to train you to make them and enjoy with your family and friends and be the place that "The Mojito Party" happens.