key west first legal rum distillery

Crystal's Bitch'n Concoctions

Stormy Bitch Cocktail:



Bad Bitch Rum- 2 ounces

Ginger Beer (We recommend Barrits or Fever Tree) – 3 ounces

Key Lime slice- 1 Wedge

Crystallized Ginger- 1 Slice



Pour Rum and ginger beer over ice into rocks-style glass.

Squeeze fresh key lime juice wedge over top (approx 5 drops).

Garnish with candied Ginger slice.



Bitchy Grand-Ma Cocktail:



Bad Bitch Rum- 2 ounces

Grand Marnier Liquor- ½ ounce

Ginger Ale- 3 ounces

Florida Orange Wheel



Pour Rum and Grand Marnier over ice into rocks-style glass.

Top with Ginger Ale.

Garnish with Florida Orange wheel slice.



Key West Raw Manhattan:



Key West Raw & Unfiltered Barrel-Aged Rum- 2 ounces

Sweet Vermouth- ½ ounce

Angostura Bitters- 2 Dashes

Amarena Fabbri Wild Cherry



Pour Rum, Vermouth, and bitters into shaker half-filled with Ice.

Shake vigorously.

Strain into Martini Glass.

Garnish with Amarena Fabbri Wild Cherry. Enjoy!

Ginger Blonde:



Bad Bitch Blonde Rum- 2 ounces

Ginger Ale- 1 ounce



Pour over ice into rocks-style glass and serve.



Award-Winning First Legal Key Lime Rumarita:



Key West Legal Rum- 2 ounces

Our House-made Sour Mix- 3 ounces


Key Lime Wheel



Pour Rum and Sour Mix over ice.

Shake Vigorously.

Strain over fresh ice into salted margarita glass.

Garnish with a slice lime and umbrella spear.




Key Lime Rumarita House- Made Sour Mix:


Kermit's Key Lime Juice Concentrate: 1 Cup

Demerara Simple Syrup (½ Demerara Sugar, ½ water): 3 Cups

Flavorganics Organic Orange Extract: 5mL

Fresh Florida Orange Juice: ¼ Cup


Makes over 11 Rumaritas!







Prohibition Punch:



Green Coconut Rum- 2 ounces

Pineapple Juice- 1 ounce

Mango Puree- ½ ounce

Fresh Florida Orange Juice- 2 ounces

Coco Lopez Cream of Coconut- ½ ounce

Vanilla Brulee Dark Rum- ½ ounce


Pineapple Wedge



Pour Green Coconut Rum, Pineapple Juice, Orange Juice, and Coco Lopez into cocktail shaker w/ice.

Shake vigorously until a light foam develops.

Strain over fresh ice into hurricane-style glass, shaking the foam onto the top of the drink.

Add floater of Vanilla Brulee Dark Rum over top

Sprinkle pinch of cinnamon over top.

Garnish with pineapple wedge and umbrella spear.

Drink. Foxtrot. Enjoy!



Lime in Da Coconut:



Real Key Lime Rum- 1 ounce

Green Coconut Rum- 1 ounce

Fresh Cracked Coconut Water (can also use “Harmless Harvest” bottled organic coconut water)- 3 ounces

Cocktail Umbrella



Pour rum and coconut water into shaker ½ filled with ice.

Shake vigorously.

Strain into Daquiri-style glass over crushed ice.

*May also serve in a chilled cracked coconut.

Add cocktail umbrella and your taste buds will be immediately transported back to a sunny Key West Beach!


Coconut Buzz Martini:



Green Coconut Rum- 1 Ounce

Cuban Coffee Rum- ½ Ounce

Bailey's Irish Cream Liquor- 1 Ounce

Coconut Milk (we use “Thai Organic” unsweetened Coconut milk)- 2 Ounces

Shaved Coconut

Cacao Powder



Pour Rum, Bailey's, and Coconut milk into cocktail shaker ½ filled with ice.

Shake vigorously until a light foam develops.

Strain into martini glass, shaking the foam onto top of the cocktail.

Sprinkle cacao powder and a pinch of shaved coconut over top.

Sip. Enjoy!

DeviLish Cider (Hot or Chilled):


Key West Devil's Rum- 2 ounces

Cold-Pressed, Unfiltered, 100% Natural Apple Cider (containing ingredient list of 1 item: apples)

Crystallized Ginger slice, or Cinnamon stick





Pour Rum and cider into cocktail shaker ½ way filled with ice.

Shake lightly.

Strain over fresh ice into rocks-style glass.

Garnish with candied ginger slice.

(Note: can also add ½ ounce of orange juice to shaker for a more summer-y taste).



Combine heated cider and rum into handled mug.

Add cinnamon stick.


Raw & Unfiltered Float:


*Use our Raw and Unfiltered Oak Barrel-Aged Rum as a floater on Pina Colada or any type of rum punch to add rich depth and complexity to your cocktail!

Joanne's Pumpkin Pie Martini:



Duval Street Spiced Rum- 1 ounce

Bailey's Irish Cream- ½ Ounce

Disaronno Amaretto- ½ ounce

Pumpkin Puree- 2½ tablespoons

Silk Vanilla Almond Creamer- 1 ounce

Nutmeg & Cinnamon- 1 dash



Add Rum, Bailey's, Amaretto, pumpkin puree, and creamer into shaker ½ filled with ice.

Shake vigorously until frothy foam is created.

Strain into martini glass, shaking foam over top of cocktail.

Sprinkle dash of cinnamon and nutmeg over top.


Coconut Lavender Lemonade:



Green Coconut Rum- 2 ounces

Fresh Squeezed lemonade- 3 ounces

Monin Premium Lavender Cocktail syrup- ½ teaspoon (2.5 ml)

Demerara Simple Syrup (½ demerara sugar crystals & ½ water)- 1 ounce



Pour rum, lemonade, lavender syrup, simple syrup into cocktail shaker ½ filled with ice.

Shake vigorously.

Pour into daquiri-style glass over crushed ice. Garnish with thin-sliced floating lemon wheel. Enjoy!

 We consider our self trained mojito masters. Why you ask?  We sailed to Cuba on the Schooner Wolf  and were the first Americans to Run Rum to Cuba. Now you would say it takes some huevous to bring rum from Key West to Cuba, as they have amazing rum. We wanted to say thank you for the 80 some years that they ran rum to Key West and the Florida Keys by buying them a round with ours! 

The bonus that was given to use by the Cuban people was training us how to make Cuban Mojitos, as they make the best. My name is Paul Menta, menta means "mint" in spanish so i better make a dam good one!

We went to the famous and not so famous bars, homes and drinking places and we shown the secrets with the techniques on how to make a Real Mojito!

We now share this information in classes with The Key West Mojito Rums we make. Our goal is to train you to make them and enjoy with your family and friends and be the place that "The Mojito Party" happens.