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Key West Legal Rum owner and best rum distiller Paul Menta throwing rum on an outdoor BBQ outside his distillery

A Triple


As a culinary gangster and avid kiteboarder, Paul's passion for the ocean infuses every aspect of our brand. Drawing inspiration from his Sicilian and Italian heritage and his extensive travels across Europe, Latin America, and the United States, he has crafted a unique culinary philosophy that blends tradition with innovation.

Food, drink, ocean. It's not just Paul's motto - it's his way of life. 

Paul's Mission: Create The



Paul kicked off a culinary revolution by blending cooking skills with distillation mastery. The goal? Create fresh flavor profiles that excite the senses and challenge the norm. With an unwavering commitment to quality and a relentless pursuit of perfection, we aim to inspire our customers to embrace the unexpected and unleash their inner rule-breaker.

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Paul opened several Key West eateries, including Cuban Coffee Queen & Amigos Tortilla Bar!

Chef Paul's Key West


Paul's journey, from his culinary beginnings in Philadelphia to his time studying with local chefs in Spain and France, has laid the foundation for everything he brings to Key West. Not only has he opened some of the city's most successful restaurants, but he's also masterfully translated his culinary expertise into the art of crafting the best rum and sauces that delight the senses and pay homage to the rich culture of the Conch Republic.

Key West Legal Rum owner Paul Menta with his arm around his wife, Crystal, on a boat in Key West


Born in Philly, this culinary school graduate, world adventurer, cookbook author, husband, father, businessman, and community advocate made Key West his home in 1990.

Key West Legal Rum owner Paul Menta kitboarding with his arm reached out to the camera


Paul has kitesurfed from Key West to Cuba and pursued his sport in places as extreme as a lake beside three Guatemalan volcanoes at an elevation of 10,000 feet.

Key West Legal Rum owner Paul Menta cutting up a fish on a boat in Key West


An Honorary Conch, Paul supports the community in everything he does. His devotion is honored through Key West Legal Rum Day on July 12th & Paul Menta Day on October 12th.

Key West Legal Rum owner Paul Menta kiteboarding with the board up in the air and the beautiful Key West water behind him

It's All About The


Paul's deep affection for the Cuban people, their cuisine, and their vibrant culture has long lured him to the idea of crossing the narrow ninety-mile straits from Key West to Cuba. Upon discovering that former Key West Mayor, Sonny McCoy, had already waterskied across those very waters, it became clear to Paul that his destiny was to become Key West's No. 1 kiteboarder and make this journey a reality.

Paul set the Guinness Record for Fastest Kite-Surfing From Key West to Cuba

Paul's Culinary Ventures Paved The Way In Key West.

Cuban Coffee Queen logo, a business Key West Legal Rum owner founded
Amigos Tortilla Bar logo, a business Key West Legal Rum owner co-founded
Help Yourself restaurant logo, a business Key West Legal Rum owner co-founded
Dock to Dish fishery logo, a business Key West Legal Rum owner co-founded
Three Hands Fish market logo, a business Key West Legal Rum owner co-founded
Latitudes logo, the famous restaurant where Key West Legal Rum owner used to work
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