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Key West Legal Rum owner Paul Menta and his wife, Crystal, by the Southermost Point in Key West with water splashing up on them

Core Values


Our island’s motto is more than just a core value; it defines our way of life. When the Key West community needs a helping hand, we step up. Whether it's hurricane relief, a pandemic, or any other challenge, we use 100% of the proceeds from our limited edition batches to support the community that inspires us. All this, from the Southernmost Point in the continental USA.

Key West Legal Rum 10-year Solera bottle on a barrel with a carved wooden sign behind it listing all the ways the distillery helped the community
  • Not Just for Seafood
    Don't let the name fool you; this sauce isn't limited to seafood. Explore its incredible flavor by using it as a base for homemade pizza sauce, creating unforgettable Bloody Mary cocktails, and so much more.
  • Rooted in History
    Dating back to the late 1800s, "Enchilado" has a storied past. It was cherished by ship captains, celebrated in cookbooks from the 1930s, and passed down through generations of Key West locals. Just like the island itself, this sauce has a unique and unforgettable character.
  • Experience a Taste of Key West
    Transport your taste buds to the vibrant streets of Key West with our "Key West Famous Seafood Sauce", affectionately known as "Enchilado" in local slang. This beloved sauce was once reserved for special occasions like Sunday dinners or birthday celebrations. It originated as a slow-cooked lobster dish that simmered for 6 to 8 hours, promising a rich and flavorful experience.
  • Save Time, Savor Quality
    Become the star of your kitchen without sacrificing time. Our seafood sauce allows you to deliver gourmet results in minutes, making you everyone's favorite cook at home.
  • Time-Saving Culinary Magic
    In today's fast-paced world, finding time for elaborate cooking can be a challenge. That's where we come in. We've captured the essence of Key West's "Enchilado" in a jar, eliminating the need for lengthy cooking. Now, you can prepare your favorite proteins and simply finish them with our seafood sauce for that authentic Key West taste.
  • Chef-Crafted Quality
    Crafted by a seasoned chef with over 30 years of experience, our seafood sauce brings you the same love and flavors of Key West, conveniently packaged for your culinary adventures.
  • Key West's Unique Twist
    Key West always had its own way of doing things. Just as the Cuban Mix sandwich differs in Key West, "Enchilado" stands apart. It's a testament to the island's independent spirit, creating dishes that defy tradition and define Key West's culinary identity.
  • Versatile Flavor Extravaganza
    While "Enchilado" was originally designed for lobster, it has evolved to complement a variety of proteins, including chicken, pork, fish, and even pasta. The sauce's rich and complex flavors make it a perfect finishing touch for your culinary creations.
  • Available in Stores and Online
    You can find "Key West Famous Seafood Sauce" at your local grocery store or order it online, ensuring you always have a taste of Key West on hand.
  • Preserve the Flavor
    Originally created as a way to preserve the zesty essence of Key Limes, "Old Sour" combines the tang of Key Lime juice with sea salt and a hint of bird pepper. This unique blend helps keep Key Lime juice fresh, ensuring you can enjoy that signature Key West taste anytime, anywhere.
  • From Chef to You
    As a chef with a deep love for tradition, I've crafted this version of "Key West Old Sour" to share the taste of the past with the convenience of today. It's my way of ensuring you can savor the timeless flavors of Key West right in your own home.
  • A Taste of Key West in Every Bottle
    Whether you're a lifelong fan of "Old Sour" or new to this classic condiment, our version brings the essence of Key West right to your table. It's a piece of history you can savor today.
  • Shelf-Stable Delight
    Thanks to the natural acidity of Key Limes, "Old Sour" stays shelf-stable even without refrigeration, preserving its delectable taste for extended periods.
  • Discover the Flavor of Key West
    Immerse yourself in the rich culinary heritage of Key West with our "Key West Old Sour". This classic condiment has been a staple in households since as far back as 1903 as showcased in cookbooks like Conch Cooking (1948) and the Key West Women's Club Cookbook (1939).
  • Join the Tradition
    Like salt and pepper, "Key West Old Sour" is a must-have on your dining table. Embrace the flavors that have delighted generations in Key West and bring home a bottle of this culinary treasure.
  • Mildly Spicy
    Unlike the fiery reputation of some hot sauces, "Old Sour" offers a gentle kick of spice. It's slightly spicier than black or white pepper but much milder than cayenne, making it a delightful addition for all taste buds.
  • Versatile and Flavorful
    "Old Sour" is not just for seafood; it adds a burst of flavor to chicken, pork, salads, and more. Its versatility makes it an indispensable companion for both seasoned chefs and home cooks.
  • Honoring Tradition with a Modern Touch
    Our version of "Old Sour" stays true to the original recipe while enhancing it for today's discerning palates. We've added a subtle thickening agent to ensure the flavor clings to your food, just like the best part that used to settle at the bottom of the plate.
  • Endless Possibilities
    Use "Key West Old Sour" to elevate your culinary creations. From crafting the perfect fish dish to finishing sauces, this local gem is your secret ingredient for unforgettable dishes.
  • 2014
    Participated in Taste of Key West for AIDS Help until 2020 and made 11 local charity donations.
  • 2013
    Opened and became the first-ever licensed Legal Alcohol producer in Key West and the Florida Keys, making history.
  • 2016
    Supported Samuel's House fundraiser and Sister Season Fund fundraiser, along with 19 local charity donations and the Coast Guard ball.
  • 2015
    Introduced the first Sloppy Joe's and HLAS Look-Alike Society scholarship special-edition bottles, raising over 10k, and continued this tradition every year. Let's make every year even larger than the past!
  • 2022
    In the aftermath of Hurricane Ian, we created assistance for Bahama Village flood victims and supplied meals for Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  • 2023
    Continuing our collaboration with Sloppy Joe's and the HLAS Look-Alike Society, working with 31 charities, and helping wherever our community has a need.
  • 2019
    Held a fundraiser for the Key West Wild Life Center and made 29 charity donations.
  • 2018
    In response to Hurricane Dorian in Green Turtle Cay, Bahamas (our sister city), we raised funds and flew over supplies for repairing roofs and cleaning up flood damage. Organized a hurricane relief charity concert in Key West to raise money.
  • 2017
    In the wake of Hurricane Irma, raised money to provide hurricane relief, including food, clothing, and assistance for locals and first responders. Introduced Hurricane Rum, distilling it to raise over $30K.
  • 2020
    Created "Ruminizer," where we were able to assist over 10,000 individuals in Key West and the Florida Keys, including residents, workers, politicians, police, firefighters, and businesses.
  • 2021
    Organized feeding programs for families every weekend and provided full support to Samuel's House through multiple fundraisers.

10 Years of


This list offers a glimpse of how we express our gratitude for the incredible support over the last 10 years - by giving back and being there for our community whenever there's a need. With your ongoing support, we'll continue these efforts for the next decade!

fingers holding small bottls of Ruminizer, Key West Legal Rum's hand sanitizer that they made to help the community during Covid-19

Response to the Pandemic:


In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, we recognized the pressing need for hand sanitizer. Using the leftover impurities and oils from our rum distillation process known as 'tails,' we blended them with aloe and ultrasound transmission gel. We distributed 3-oz. and 16-oz. bottles to service workers, retailers, mail carriers, and others working tirelessly in Key West and encouraged distilleries across the nation to participate in sanitizer production. Through our "Ruminizer," we were able to assist almost 20,000 individuals in Key West and the Florida Keys, including healthcare professionals, law enforcement, and nursing homes.

"The Hurricane Effect"


When hurricanes approach, the air pressure drops enhancing the flavor of our rum and creating an exceptional blend with truffle and pear notes. However, this comes at a human and environmental cost. That's why whenever a hurricane passes through, we donate the batch proceeds to support those in need.








We believe in the power of connection and community strength. Our brand unites like-minded individuals who share a passion for Key West's spirit, celebrating inclusivity, diversity, and a sense of belonging. We actively support our community, dedicating proceeds from our products to local causes and working to create a stronger Key West.

Samuel's House logo showing they're a recipient of Key West Legal Rum's community and hurricane outreach efforts
Key West Wildlife Center logo showing they're a recipient of Key West Legal Rum's community and hurricane outreach efforts
Bahama Village Music Program logo showing they're a recipient of Key West Legal Rum's community and hurricane outreach efforts
AIDS Help Key West logo showing they're a recipient of Key West Legal Rum's community and hurricane outreach efforts
Sister Season Fund Locals Helping Locals logo showing they're a recipient of Key West Legal Rum's community and hurricane outreach efforts
Conch Love logo showing they're a recipient of Key West Legal Rum's community and hurricane outreach efforts
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