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Best Pina Colada in
Key West 


 There is just something about entering key West and feeling the island's warmth and welcome. The thought that might come to mind is " I am on vacation!" 

Now all that's needed is a homemade drink with actual fruit and rum made on the island and that drink you want with an umbrella is called a "key West Pina Colada!

The legal rum is made in our distillery where your pina colada is being made.  Still to Glass as we like to say, only natural ingredients. You won't find gluten, sugar added, or artificial flavors, just pure goodness as you sip away.  Which floaters of rum do you want on top? We have 9 flavors to choose from. 

We recommend you come in for our free daily tours, try some free samples and decide which Key West legal Rum you like best and get a pina colada, and do you vacation like a local no matter what the weather is because...... " Do you like pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain?  We do!BRAIN FREEZE Alert! - We don't have snow in Key West but we do have brain freezes at the distillery. If you are subject to this type of problem while here just


rub your tongue

on the roof of your mount to warm it up and it will go away. Each Pina Colada contains up to 12 brain freezes per serving so be careful!

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